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SAP Human Resource (HR) is one of the key modules in SAP and is also called SAP Human Capital Management (SAP HCM). SAP HR/HCM contains many submodules and all these modules are integrated with each other. Key modules covered in this course are - Organizational management, Personnel Administration, Time Management and Payroll.

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About SAP HR / HCM

Empower IT Trainings is the Best Online Trainings Institute for SAP HCM or SAP HR across the globe which provides best SAP HR/HCM online training with real-time project-oriented training.

SAP HR or SAP HCM course covers detailed explanation of Organizational management, Personnel administration, Time management and Payroll.

  • Organizational management – Covers various types of organizational structures with evaluation path.
  • Personnel administration – Covers employee master data from hire to retire.
  • Time management – Covers positive and negative time evaluation.
  • Payroll – Covers various types of payroll calculations with legal rules.

In the course, schemas and PCRs would be covered with various business scenarios.

Why join Empower IT Trainings for Successfactors?
  • Our trainers are highly experienced and certified consultants having passion to share knowledge.
  • The course content is designed by skilled trainers with appropriate topics that meet the industry standards and need.
  • We provide in-depth subject with which the trainee can confidently work as a Successfactors consultant on job.
  • We conduct interactive sessions where all the doubts are clarified by our trainer.
  • 100% guidance for freshers and working professionals to build their resumes and interview preparation.
  • Case studies to work on that simulate the real time project.
  • 24X7 system access to practice.
  • Soft copy of the material to refer that would help clear the certification.
  • Quality training at affordable price.
  • The students trained from our institute are placed in top MNCs.
  • All our students have cleared the certification exam on their own

SAP HR / HCM Course Content


  1. Introduction to ERP
  2. Overview of various modules in SAP and Sub Modules SAP HCM
  3. SAP Architecture
  4. Focus on Various kinds of SAP Projects
  5. Benefits with SAP ERP
  6. Roles of Consultants in Implementation
  7. ASAP Methodology

Structures in SAP HCM

  1. Enterprise Structure
  2. Personnel Structure
  3. Organizational Structure

Organizational Management

  1. Integration with other modules and Process Flow
  2. Plan Version
  3. Objects in OM
  4. Relationships, Evaluation Path and Object
  5. Characteristics
  6. OM related Infotypes and Tables
  7. Organization & Staffing
  8. Expert Mode or Infotype Maintenance
  9. Simple Maintenance
  10. Reporting Structure
  11. Reports

Personnel Administration

  1. Infotypes & Data Tables
  2. Maintain HR Master Data
  3. Time Constraints
  4. Personnel Number Ranges
  5. Features
  6. Configuration of Personnel Actions using Infogroup
  7. User Group and functionality of User Parameters
  8. Infotype Menus
  9. Additional Actions and Dynamic Actions
  10. Screen Modifications
  11. Customer Specific Infotypes
  12. Transfer of Applicant Data to Personnel Administration
  13. Execution of Simulated Scenario

Time Management

  1. Integration with Other Modules
  2. Important Infotypes in Time Management
  3. Concepts of Positive and Negative Time Recording
  4. Time Management Status and Important Time Management Features
  5. Setting up Holiday Calendar and Concept of Factory Calendar
  6. Configuration of Work Schedules – Break, Daily, Period, Work Schedule Rule
  7. Daily Work Schedule Variant and Daily Work Schedule Selection Rule
  8. Day Types and Rules
  9. Absences/Attendances and Absence Quotas Configuration
  10. Configuration of Counting Rules, Rounding Rules, Deduction Rules
  11. Base Entitlement Rules and Selection Rules
  12. Generation of Quotas through RPTQTA00 and Time Evaluation
  13. Time Data Recording
  14. Time Evaluation Process, Schemas, Rules, Functions and Operations
  15. Clusters B1 and B2 and Internal Tables relating to Time Management


  1. Introduction to Payroll and Integration with other modules
  2. Setting up of Payroll Areas and Control Record Status
  3. Payroll Organization Concepts and Configuration
  4. Payroll Status Infotype and Concept of Retroactive Accounting
  5. Pay Scale Structure Configuration
  6. PCR and CAP Groupings
  7. Wage Type Configuration, Grouping and Characteristics
  8. Processing Classes, Cumulations and Evaluation Classes
  9. Absence Valuation
  10. Wage Type Valuation
  11. Payroll Process Flow and Payroll Processing
  12. Posting to Accounting
  13. Payroll Driver, Schemas, PCRs, Functions and Operations
  14. Clusters and Internal Tables
  15. Payroll related Infotypes
  16. Important Technical Wage Types relating to Indian Payroll
  17. Payroll Reports



Kiran Tumma
10 Weeks Ago

I am very thankful to the trainer and the institute for providing SAP HCM course. I have quickly learnt OM, PA, Time and Payroll along with the complex PCRs and with this knowledge I travelled to US and now settled into a good job.

Shashi Barwa
1 Week Ago

I was always scared of schemas and PCRs but the trainer explained these concepts in such a manner that I started building the logic in PCRs by myself and I am very comfortable in these concepts now. I am very much thankful to the trainer for explaining the schemas and PCRs in such an easy way.

Hemanth Kumar
12 Weeks Ago

I wanted to move to SAP HR from core HR field so I joined Empower IT Trainings. The training was very organized and the admin staff was also very supportive. System access was also provided to practice even after completing the course for a month. Overall I had very good learning experience.

Ruchi Joshi
8 Weeks Ago

Empower IT Trainings is the best training institute for SAP HCM course. I was working as general HR in a company and wanted to move to SAP so I joined Empower IT. After completing the course I got an opportunity to move to SAP HR in my company itself and now I am working independently as an SAP HR consultant.


FAQ’s Of Successfactors Training

In this competitive world where there are numerous technologies “CLOUD” technology is more trending and most demanded technology which has the maximum openings for the candidates in the market as most of the companies are migrating to cloud. Successfactors is one such cloud-based Human Resource Information System that offers the best business process to achieve the greatest success path

The career prospect of the Successfactors Consultant is very high as the product is the widely used one in the IT industry and is gaining popularity at a very high pace.

The average salary of a Successfactors Consultant in the US is in between $65k and $126k

No. We are not an official Training partner for SAP and we do not advertise that or claim that. All we do is, we have senior SAP consultants who are already Certified and working consultants, who share their knowledge with people who are interested in appearing for the SAP Certification. Certified SAP training is only available from SAP Education or one of its authorized training partners.

The average salary for “Successfactors” ranges from approximately $69,521 per year to $120,620 per year.

To start career in Successfactors get trained to be an industry expert. We are specialized in providing training in Successfactors.

There is no specific work experience required. All the topics from basic level would be covered in the course. HR process experience is not mandatory for this training but it helps to understand various application functions on which you are trained on.

Empower IT trainings provides Role-based Instructor Led Live training and Self Paced Video Training using Online meeting tools like Gotomeeting.

We provide two different modes of training:

Online Training (Live training session)

Empower IT Trainings provides instructor led online live training for all the courses that are offered. These are interactive sessions and the trainers would clarify all the doubts raised by their trainees. 24X7 server access is given so that the students can practice at that convenient time. Soft copy of the material is provided with the trainees to refer and practice.

E-Learning (Self paced video training)

Empower IT Trainings facilitates the students to learn Successfactors modules with self-placed video trainings. In this, students would be given the access to Google drive where the recorded sessions of the live classes will be uploaded. The students can access those recordings in read only mode and learn at their own pace from anywhere using any device. The access to the drive will be given for a period of 2 months along with 24X7 system access to practice.

1Mbps of internet speed is recommended to attend the live classes however with lesser internet speed also students can attend the live session.

All the trainers from Empower IT Trainings are working professionals from leading organizations who have minimum of 10 years of real-time consulting experience working on live projects and excellent subject. They have minimum 3+ years of experience in training. All of our trainers are Certified professionals and they guide the students to get certified.

Yes, you will be working on the case-studies/project which helps you to use and implement the gained knowledge practically towards the end of the training.

1. Mon-Sat : Start time of 7 AM, 8 AM, 9 AM IST with each session for 1-1.5 hrs

Yes, as a sample we can surely provide you demo videos from previous batches. The same can be accessed from the website from the respective modules details section.

Most of our courses are designed to get you a job first and also gear you up to appear for the certification. After the course completion, your trainer will provide all details about the certification you can appear for. We also provide you with Certification FAQs and dumps from past certification exams. Our trainers help every student in getting them certified.

Enroll to our Self paced video trainings and go through them as per your convenience and requirement.

We are a training company which provides excellent online, classroom and self-paced training programs. After our training is finished, we provide the following -

Resume Assistance – We help you with preparing a very good and presentable resume considering your past experience and the Real project based Case studies. We also help you how to represent your resume and answer project based questions, module based technical questions, and behavioural questions. After you are done with this process, you will be very confident to represent and present your resume.

Interview preparation Assistance – We provide you mock interview questions, Interview FAQs. We then guide you step by step so that you can attend an interview confidently and clear it Certification Assistance – We provide you with Certification questions from past certifications, and a step-by-step guide and resources to appear for the Certification.

Unfortunately, We do not provide such services. We are a leading training company and we train you and get you better in that skill chosen by you. We will share frequently asked interview questions to you. We assist you in preparing yourself with the help of Mock Interviews to understand how to take up an interview call but we do not take (proxy interview) interviews on your behalf. We will make sure you will face interviews as experienced consultant with confidence by providing best role-based training.

The benefits of implementing Successfactors are:

  • Aligns the work force with a raising strategy and will make the people work on the right tasks.
  • Optimizes the performance across the organization as the right people are chosen.
  • Accelerates the business results with more productivity

This is one of the most valued and highly demanded professional requirements for professionals who build cutting-edge business applications leveraging the proven, reliable technology. This professional certification course is frequently
enquired by:

  • Business Process Owner
  • Team Lead
  • Human Resource Professional

The following are the benefits of implementing Successfactors :

  • Increase confidence in HR processing
  • Manage global HR in a compliant manner
  • Integrate HR with Enterprise process
  • Simplify and integrate global HR processes

Once you have enrolled to the training program, our team will send an email to your registered Email ID with all the details on how to access the content. This takes less than 2-3 hrs.

We will provide you with the system access which you can access 24X7 and can practice at your convenience. You would be provided with the access for more one month post completion of the course.