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About us

Empower IT has been established in 2010 with the main goal to provide quality IT training services to people. Empower IT is the leading providers for the Best SAP Success factors online training across the globe. We provide a knowledge sharing platform where real time consultants with huge experience share their knowledge to the candidates such that they acquire in-depth subject and gain practical knowledge in business scenarios.

We at Empower IT focus on the exact need of the candidate and provide them with quality training such that they emerge out as skilled professionals and can get into a job easily. As all our trainers are highly experienced, we assure that we provide the Best SAP HCM Successfactors online training certification guidance.

Empower IT trainings also provides courses that cater to the needs of experienced professionals such that they can enhance their current job or career path, thus enabling best opportunities for progression for the experienced consultants.


To be the centre of excellence for all SAP Success factors trainings and deliver superior and best quality training to all our students such that they apply the knowledge they gained and excel in their life. To always strive to provide best success factors online training across the globe.


To be the best Successfactors online training institute across the globe and translate our vision into reality and to constantly improvise the teaching methodology to incorporate the most recent changes to the successfactors modules.

We are Unique

1. Role based training

At Empower IT, we have designed our curriculum in such a way that a student can progress from the basic to expert level. We understand the current standard of the student and advise him appropriately to reach great heights in his career.

2. Mentoring by experts

We have best in class trainers who are highly experienced and they regularly share assignments and also clarify all their doubts patiently.

3.Real-time scenarios based training

Our trainers drive the entire course by taking real-time scenarios such that the students are aware of all the possible scenarios in a real life implementation project.

4. Guidance to clear certification exams

Our trainers would mention all the important points during the course from the certification exam perspective and the students can comfortably clear the exam post completion of the course.

5. In-depth training

Empower IT trainers provide qualitative subject in-depth such that post completion of the course, a trainee can work independently in a successfactors project.


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Our Training Approach

1. Quality Training

Our team of expert IT consultants provide quality of training that suits the exact need of the trainees to begin excellent career in case of a fresher and to achieve the next milestone in their career in case of an experienced trainee who is already working as a sucessfactors consultant.

2. Real-time project based scenarios and case studies

The entire course is designed based on the real time scenarios and the trainers provide case studies to the students which would give a thorough idea to the students on how a real time project will be executed.

3. Certification guidance

The trainers provide guidance in clearing the certification in the respective module the trainee chooses. Through out the course, the trainer would mention the certification questions that would appear in the exam while explaining various topics. If the trainee refers to the material and practices regularly the certification exam can be cleared very easily.

4. Resume preparation guidance

Most of the trainees lack clarity on building their resume from a professional successfactors consultant perspective. Our trainers provide detailed step by step instructions on how to build the resume considering their respective back ground.

5. Interview preparation guidance

The trainers guide the trainees on the various technical questions that would be asked in an interview and also provide various examples of business scenarios from the real time project which they can talk about confidently during the interview.