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SAP Successfactors EC Payroll and S/4 HANA Finance Integration

Category: SF ECP Posted: 27th May 2022

The integration between ECP and SAP Finance is the same whether we are using SAP on-premise payroll or ECP. The configuration steps, ALE’s and RFCs are all delivered and maintain by SAP. There is no reason to create a custom interface between ECP and SAP Finance but as the posting of the payroll results involves 2 different systems, there are some prerequisites that needs to be set up for the Integration to work.

  • Posting to S/4HANA Cloud will be done from Employee Central Payroll using iDocs and web services.

  • The entire flow where posting documents are in distributed systems, like S4 & ECP, IDOCS are generated for posting documents for a particular posting run.

  • When documents are created, the system uses BAPIs to read data synchronously.

  • The following occurs when document posting is initiated:

    • Document data is checked against accounting data via synchronous BAPIs.

    • The ALE layer is used to transfer each document asynchronously to the receiving system.

  •  The IDOCS are transferred to the source system in which documents are posted via ALE interface. 

  • Once transferred, the documents are posted to the pertinent accounting tables.

    ECP and S/4 HANA Cloud Integration Set up :


    Graphical user interface, application

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    Finance Structure Configuration:
    • The Finance Structure (Company, Company Code, Controlling Area, etc.) must be configured in the ECP System along with the S/4HANA.

    • The GL’s need not be created in the ECP System separately, The assignment to the GL’s happens in the HR-FI Configuration nodes in the ECP System and the system accepts the assignment irrespective of whether the GL is available or not, however please be informed that the Posting Document will not be created unless the GL assigned is available in the Target System i.e. S4 HANA.

    • GL Accounts are configured in S/4 HANA system. Defining symbolic accounts & assigning to Balance & Expense Accounts should be done in both systems. Posting Characteristics of WT’s is not necessary to configure in S/4 HANA.

    • If messages in PCP0 like the ones ’‘Account assignment object check took place in logical system, document check for G/L account document took place in logical system‘‘ are encountered it means configurations for the AC System as the sending system/client and the HR System as the receiving system/server & RFC Destinations are completed in S/4 Hana system.

    Cost Centers Data Flow
    • The Cost Centers are not created manually in the ECP System, instead the cost centers are automatically flown from S/4HANA to ECP System through the Integration which will run on a periodic interval, i.e. whenever a new cost center is created, the system will replicate these cost centers to the ECP System to avoid any integration failures when the data is being pushed from SF-EC to ECP through PTP Integration.

    Employee Replication
    • The Employee’s doesn’t have to be replicated from ECP to S/4HANA, instead the replication must be initiated from SuccessFactors Employee Central to S/4HANA.

    • Below are the few limitations that needs to be noted when performing the payroll results posting to S/4HANA Cloud from ECP.

    • Postings to Vendors are not possible at this stage

    • Posting from ECP is not available for Public Sectors

    • Posting from EC Payroll is Released only for documents with up to 2000 Line Items


    ECP and S/4 HANA Cloud System Data Flow :


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    Steps to be performed in S/4 HANA Cloud
    1. Activate your communication scenario

      • In the Maintain Communication Users app, we need to create a user such as PAYROLL.

      • In the Communication Systems app, we need to enter the data for the SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central Payroll system and create an inbound and outbound communication user.

      • In the Communication Arrangements app, we need to create a communication arrangement with the relevant inbound and outbound service information.

    2. Set up cost center replication

    • In the Define Filter Criteria app, we need to determine which data is replicated in the new communication arrangement by settings the necessary filter criteria for cost center data.

    • In the Replicate by Replication Model app, we need to trigger a manual replication for the initial data load from SAP S/4HANA Cloud to SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central Payroll.

    1. Schedule cost center replication


    • In the Maintain Communication Users app, we need to edit the communication arrangement to trigger the delta replication of new and changed cost centers at scheduled intervals.